& 100 more..

Unforgettable Experience

Customers can now try on thousands of designs without any hassle of wearing and removing each piece. They get to see it perfectly on their own face as if they are looking into an actual mirror. It’s so simple to use that anyone from a 5yr old kid to an 80 yr old woman can use it without any instructions.


Showcase Complete Digital Inventory

  • Save on piling capital and operational costs associated with managing jewellery inventory
  • Showcase all possible designs without needing them in stock
  • Ship out items directly from vendors, nearby showrooms or warehouses once the order is placed

Detailed Analytics

Make your important business decisions with data driven information

  • Accurately predict demand patterns and test new jewellery designs before manufacturing or sourcing them
  • Personalize product recommendations for customers based on their facial features, complexion and user behaviour
  • Analyse the performance of each design, engagement at each showroom, and journey of the customers through brand’s touch points

Next-level Experience

Tap into customer engagment and provide next level brand experience


Client's Feedback

I was totally fascinated by the AR technology that Meghna showed me because it is user friendly and allows the customer to see products in 3D without having the actual inventory in stock. It is very well designed and makes it easier to choose designs for the client as well as facilitates our presentation much better.

Farah Khan Ali

CEO of Farah Khan Jewellery
We have started with Delhi-NCR and will soon be introducing AR platform to other locations as well. Our objective is to create more such experiences at malls, movie theatres, airports and other public places to take the brand beyond stores and reach out to customers in the near future.

Mr Balram Garg

MD, PC Jeweller