mirrAR was first put across to people in an immense event, Bridal Asia in Mumbai. This inventiveness by Tanishq was taken to give people a prospect to sense the real-time jewelry experience. People are always overwhelmed and open to technology making their lives effortless and virtually dazzling. Around 200 people tried the incredible real-time digital mirror experience in just 3 days. They showcased fifteen thousand plus piece of jewelry in their inventory. 5200+ items were tried on, average 30+ items per consumer trial. This was a huge success, giving them such an excellent prospect to enlarge their reach and show-case themselves in an innovative radiance. After seeing a successful initiative, they decided to go for trial of zero inventory stores at Delhi and Bangalore airport.

Tanishq is a well-known jewelry brand. It has always been ornamented by everyone. The brand has a good standing and loyal customer following. A different approach to reach new customers was a brilliant idea, which brought them to the experimentation with zero-inventory store. They had the very first zero inventory store launch with mirrAR at Delhi and Bangalore airport. It was held for almost a month around December, 2018. People walking at the airport were exceptionally drawn towards it, and thrilled to try-on the startling jewelry collection. Various people around the world, devoid of their age felt captivated to see themselves in the experience zone. It was a full-size press release which seized plenty of attention. They offered 14% discount which increased their sales to an extensive figure.

Tanishq airport zero inventory stores generated almost 338 leads. Combined studies of Delhi and Bangalore shows 28324+ try-on, which is approximately 100 try on. They had on average 21 sets tried on per person. The scheme, which was run for a month, allowed customers to try on the entire Tanishq range not including the stores to transmit the full inventory. The initiative following the shift is to lend a hand to the brand to accomplish a larger audience.

“Tanishq has always aimed at providing the best for our customers and this fascinating initiative is one such approach in achieving the objective,” said Deepika Tewari, the associate vice-president of marketing in Titan’s jewellery division, as reported by IndiaRetailing.” Meghna Saraogi, the founder of mirrAR by StyleDotme says, “We intend to give the real-time customer experience which definitely will strengthen the retail connection between the brand and their valued customers; a transformative step on how India will shop and purchase jewellery in the near future.”

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