The fashion industry is growing at a swift speed. Nearly, a couple of applications are made for virtual reality experience in clothes. When you turn on the camera, you can look at the models in a 3D virtual mode on the screen wearing that particular dress. Many big brands are getting it installed on their retail stores. And we have make-up beauty filters based on augmented reality which few beauty brands are using, where you can try-on the makeup virtually. No one considered the problems faced by a customer while jewelry shopping. Hardly anyone was paying attention towards the jewelry industry. Jewelry is that little thing which adds glamour to your look for any occasion, and it is a part of capital intensive industry as well. mirrAR by StyleDotMe came up with this amazing idea to increase the reach and sales in the jewelry industry.

This awesome application based on augmented reality, is a virtual mirror which gives you the beautiful experience to try on the astonishing intricate jewels. It is customer-friendly and an aid to the jewelers. It solves multiple problems with numeral uses. The very first version of mirrAR was installed at one of the PCJ stores in Delhi.

PCJ has been our very first customer, and they have also been a part of case studies performed by mirrAR. The customer’s insight really helped mirrAR to be the best of what it is today.

  • When a lady walked in to the store, she was reluctant to share her budget. We observed that this might be an issue with a range of people. That’s when mirrAR decided to add a price filter which makes it trouble-free for the customer to choose the price range and browse through the inventory without any hesitation.
  • After the price range filter was introduced, a lady was very happy to try the application. She was delighted to try on even the exclusive jewels which are out of her budget. This stunning virtual experience cannot only make you feel uplifted but also certain.
  • Another case study was at a later stage, when a lady mentioned that she had a good experience but in addition said,“maza nahi aya” did not exactly enjoy her look in the digital mirror. This was because of the fact that she wasn’t wearing any make-up at that instant. One doesn’t always feel like putting on blush and eye shadow at all times. This is how mirrAR introduced a beauty filter to the application, which enhances your implicit experience.
  • There’s yet another story of how gallery mode was introduced. There was a person who wanted to buy jewellery for his daughter who was not in the country at the moment, how could he share it with her and check how it might look on her? And voilla, gallery icon was the answer to that. In gallery mode you can add a static picture of anyone and try the jewelries by swiping on to them. You can get a good idea how the particular jewelry might look on her.

We at mirrAR take our customer’s reviews very sincerely. Our main intend is to make the selling and buying both stress-free at the same time. We not only want to keep in mind the jeweler’s point of view while we upgrade mirrAR but also give priority to customer’s experience and solving their issues.

PCJ has been associated with mirrAR for more than a year now; they have mirrAR installed at 11 stores in Delhi, one iPad at each store. From the first version was introduced with PCJ to having it installed in 11 stores explains a lot about the remarkable journey they have been enjoying with mirrAR by StyleDotMe.

mirrAR has made a positive impact on PCJ’s sales. The sales have considerably increased many folds after their application installation. Customers are viewing them in a new light. The brand image enhanced through new-age technology, with the fact that they are way ahead of people in the jewelry industry.

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